Unteroffizier Volkmar

Grossdeutschland Obergefrieter VolkmarName: Kurt Volkmar
Born: 29.06.22 - Berlin, Germany
Civillian Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Herr Volkmar was born and grew up on Charlottenburger Chaussee Ruhleban, a western suburb of Greater Berlin. As a young boy Kurt Volkmar was a member of the ‘Hitlerjugend’ a national youth movement, where he enjoyed the military and sports environment, encouraged by this party backed organization.

At School Kurt was a modest achiever and was expected to follow his fathers trade in mechanical engineering and did so for two years as an apprentice, however with the on set of war and the allure of winning the Eisern Kreuz, Kurt joined the Wehrmacht on the 1st July 1941 at 19 years of age, and enrolled with the 397th Infanterie Ersatz Regiment at the Alexanda kaserne, Ruhleban, Berlin. After completing his basic training with distinction in the use of the Maschinengewehr 34, Kurt passed out on 1st September 1941 and was sent to the Southern Russian front with the 64th Pz.Gren.Rgt of the 16th Panzer Division, where to his good fortune his flair for mechanical engineering was recognized by his companies Waffenmeister.

This gave Kurt the opportunity to spend time away from front line duties working to keep his fellow comrades weapons in good order and avoid the companies Feldwebel, despised by the men for his selfish pursuit of his military career, often at the expense of those under him.

By 1942 having already served on the Eastern front for almost a year as a Panzer Grenadier, Kurt was transferred as a volunteer to help stem the massive losses faced by Germany’s elite Wehrmacht Regiment the ‘Großdeutschland Division’ joining the 2nd Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung unit, a reconnaissance squadron serving GD.

Kurt’s Father Manfred, a life long engineer by trade, worked at the Hakenfelde Aircraft instruments factory, North Spandau, Greater Berlin. His Mother Jana, a home maker at there family apartment on Charlottenburger Chaussee, Ruhleban, was also a part-time dress maker on Reichsstrasse, Charlottenburger district, Berlin”

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