The Heer Soldbuch - English Translation

As a World War Two German re-enactor the Soldbuch is one of the few pieces of identification you should have on your person at all times when in uniform. To assist with knowing how to fill this document in I have produced not only a comprehensive guide covering the entire Soldbuch, but also a full translation into English of each page.

When translating a document such as this, there are several issues which result in minor differences between one person’s translation and another. Firstly, is the obvious problem of rewording from the German language to the English language, where some words and sentences cannot be translated literally. Secondly, the onset of time has seen changes in the German language since the original document was produced, not only in words but also the structure and grammar. Thirdly, as this is a military document, it uses military terms and phrases which may not have an actual English translation.

Where a direct translation has not been possible, an attempt has been made to word the document as accurate and understandable as can be. This translation has been carried out to ease the understanding of each page of the Soldbuch and as a result of this, other translations of the Soldbuch are not necessarily wrong, but simply have slight differences. I have no doubt that there may be some errors or differences here, but the intention is to present the Soldbuch so that words, lines and phrases are as accurate as they were originally meant.

Each page that follows has been presented in an identical format and style of original Soldbucher, which hopefully along with the Soldbuch guide, readers will find useful. Full size black and white paper printed copies of this translation are available on request, priced only to cover the cost of printing and postage.

Please get in touch via the website if you require a copy.

Submitted by Karl Edwards.

Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the Soldbuch page translated into English.

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