Leutnant Henke

Full Name: Julius Henke
Born: 24/12/11 - Munich
Civilian occupation: Printer

Grossdeutschland Leutnant HenkeJulius was born on the 24th December 1911 in the city of Munich. He served his apprenticeship as a printer and typesetter after leaving school and married in June 1932.

Looking for some excitement and filled with pride at the conquests of Poland and France, he initially registered for service in September 1940 and although found to be fit for military service he was not called up, as his work was deemed useful for the war effort.

In July of 1941 as the manpower crisis loomed, he decided to follow a few of his friends into the Infantry Regiment Grossdeutschland and eventually left for Russia with an Ersatz unit early in 1942. His unit took a heavy mauling at the hands of Partisans, and the survivors found themselves re-asigned to a reconnaissance battalion within GD.

Since then Henke has steadily risen through the ranks and now hold the rank of Leutnant.



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