2015 will be a busy year for Großdeutschland Aufklärung with many new projects due to make an appearance at public shows. The anticipated result will be that the group will present itself as bigger and better than ever before, on display and the battlefield.

We would like to maintain this momentum, to keep improving and impressing with our originality and authenticity.

To achieve this, the group have launched a supporters fund. If you have ever read an informative article from our web site, used us as a source for research, watched us in action at a public show or are just as excited by WW2 German reenactment as we are, we would welcome any donation to this fund.

The fund is there to benefit the group and the public at our events. We aim to use it to purchase items relevant to our display and impression which will be collectively owned by the group.

With over 450 subscribers to our Facebook page and an impressive amount of people visiting our website each month, we hope that there are plenty of people out there who feel as passionate about German WW2 living history as we do. The amount is not important, a pound here or a dollar there would soon add up. All donations will be gratefully received and put to the very best of use.

We will provide updates on our Facebook page on how the money is being invested, we will photograph any items we purchase and show them being used as part of our public displays. You will know that the money is being used to further support an already well established and dedicated educational reenactment group and to preserve the memory of the soldiers of Großdeutschland.

Alle Pfennig zählt!



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